Church Daggers

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Church Daggers will provide you with the tools and fresh insight to help you overcome church hurt and walk in the victory that is destined for you. It is the Lord’s will for you to rise above and fully recover from all experiences of church hurt.


Church Hurt can leave you feeling angry, rejected, disappointed, and spiritually wounded. Navigating healing from church hurt is not an easy task. Many end up frustrated, walking away from church, and fractured in their relationship with other Christians. Church hurt can have an adverse effect on a person’s relationship with God as well, because of internalized disappointment that the Lord has somehow allowed His Christian representatives to cause harm.





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  1. 5 out of 5

    Pamela Cunningham

    This was a very informative book. As someone who was also hurt by church daggers at a former church; I was given insight into those who offend and was able to understand that their anger is not always about those they are offending. This was also an easy read with case studies that helped you understand exactly what church daggers are and how we can rise above them and not be pulled down into the abyss of anger and hurt feelings. I would very much like to have the work book to use as a tool to aid in my spiritual growth.

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